Security Smoke Fog Protection

What can security fog protection do that a conventional alarm system cannot?

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A conventional alarm system may notify neighbours, passersby and the control centre that an intruder has broken into a house or a company. It is then up to the police and the security staff to safeguard the valuables. Experience shows that it may take up to 10-15 minutes for them to reach the scene. That gives the thief plenty of time to locate the valuables and get away.

Security Smoke & Fog Protection fills the room with dense smoke within seconds, which prevents the thief from finding the valuables and entering the protected area.

These systems are now installed in all types of businesses from offices to schools, pubs to warehouses.

The biggest growth in usage has been in the retail sector with companies like Caltex, IGA and Woolworths Supermarkets installing Smoke & Security Fog Protection across their stores keeping their staff and their stock protected.

Danish quality – but cheap to operate!

A Protect Security Smoke Cannon from PROTECT GLOBAL is particularly cheap to operate. It uses less electricity than a normal electric bulb and requires almost no maintenance. In addition, the smoke fluid can be obtained in a refill container to keep the price for exchanging containers down.

A Security Fog Cannon will fill the protected area with dense fog and make it impossible for criminals to see – and steal anything. The fog remains in the room long enough for the police to arrive. The fog is completely harmless – and will not damage your property.

A Security Fog Cannon physically prevents criminals from locating your valuables and thereby protects them from being stolen. You can even thwart home invasions and vandalism before they take place.

Traditional security systems such as burglar alarms or surveillance cameras are ignored by certain criminals and for this reason such systems are typically ineffective in preventing burglaries and intrusion into premises and as a result are ineffective in preventing the theft of valuables and goods.

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