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As an organisation our aim is to supply competitive products, provide clear communication, and deliver simply greater customer service. We understand that each and every customer is an individual who has a voice to be heard and a choice to make.

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All businesses need to certify that their property and stock are protected. But this requirement must be balanced with the need for your employees, contractors, clients and visitors to conduct their business with ease and peace of mind. JS Security Concepts’ broad knowledge of integrated security features can be employed to design, install and maintain a system that ensures your staff and the people you do business with are always as safe as possible. From intruder alarms and door-entry systems to digital CCTV, cutting-edge and intelligent video analytics, JS Security Concepts has the solution to your needs.


Hospitals and surgeries require a high level of security in order for staff to go about their important business without having to worry while patients can concentrate on their treatment and recovery while feeling safe and relaxed. JS Security Concepts can provide a bespoke integrated security system to make sure your patients and staff are protected in surroundings which are welcoming and hospitable. Our access control, digital CCTV with sophisticated video analytics and intruder alarms can give you the peace of mind to ensure that recovery is your primary focus.


Leisure facilities such as cinemas, theatres, restaurants, pubs, clubs, and sports centres are the kinds of places people need to feel completely secure and stress-free in order to fully enjoy themselves. JS Security Concepts can provide a bespoke integrated security system to make sure your customers and staff are protected in surroundings which are still friendly and hospitable. From access control systems and intruder alarms to CCTV and video analytics, JS Security Concepts security systems ensure your customers’ time off is as safe and relaxing as possible.


JS Security Concepts can support you at any level – from a single sub-system to provision of a full, integrated security system with ongoing support. Logistics security systems and distribution security systems play a vital role in supply-chain security. Whether at site or enterprise level, the aim for protection should be seamless security systems integrated across all aspects of the operation.


Security poses a significant challenge to retailers. They must achieve a balance between keeping property and stock secure while creating pleasant surroundings that both enhance the customer’s retail experience and enable staff to go about their tasks efficiently and safely. JS Security Concepts’ retail security experience will deliver a solution that ensures your retail outlets remain secure AND welcoming. From intruder alarms to CCTV and remote monitoring systems, JS Security Concepts can supply and fit a bespoke system that meets your requirements and budget.

Shopping Centres

JS Security Concepts specialises in the service and maintenance of shopping centre CCTV systems. Our dedicated team combines its in-depth understanding of CCTV with a detailed knowledge of shopping centre environments. More than 10 shopping centres rely on us to maintain, upgrade and extend their CCTV, with systems ranging in size from a dozen to more than 250 cameras.

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