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JS Security Concepts offer an extensive range of high quality products on which you can depend for your particular security solution. Whether you require Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), effective Access Control, Intrusion Detection or Security Fog our expert consultants can put together a superior package tailored to your needs.

Verint IP Video Solutions

JS Security Concepts has a wealth of Verint network IP Solutions’ experience that customers tap into to increase security, reduce risk and even optimize other facets of the performance of their organisation.

Closed Circuit Television Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance Cameras are now considered to be an integral part of most security surveillance systems. JS Security Concepts provides design, installation, support, monitoring services – and integration – of CCTV solutions, including all key video systems components and concepts

Access Control Swipe Card Systems

JS Security Concepts Access Control Systems and ID solutions range from card/proximity access systems to intelligent keys. JS Security Concepts can provide access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate systems to simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors.

Security Fog Protection

A conventional alarm system may notify neighbours, passersby and the control centre that an intruder has broken into a house or a company. It is then up to the police and the security staff to safeguard the valuables. Experience shows that it may take up to 10-15 minutes for them to reach the scene. That gives the thief plenty of time to locate the valuables and get away.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

JS Security Concepts can supply single-site security alarm installations through to fully-networked, enterprise solutions – to meet interior and exterior/perimeter protection needs.

Biometrics Access Control

JS Security Concepts can provide a security system made up of a number of integrated, sophisticated components to make sure your premises are as protected as possible. Bio-metric technology provides the only form of identification that is truly unique to an individual. The term ‘Bio-metrics’ refers to the field devoted to identification of individuals using biological traits.

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